24. 4. 2019

On 6 to 7 April 2019, the new season of the FIM CEV Repsol Junior World Championship took off on the circuit in Estoril, Portugal. It was the première in the Moto3 category for Czech rider Ondřej Vostatek and the Igax Team, which is also a novice in the world championship. Together they faced a big challenge in very unfavourable conditions and bravely faced the weather and the experienced world teams and their riders and gained their first experience and knowledge.

Already during the first tests a week ago, which the team accomplished in dry weather conditions in Estoril, Ondřej and his team sought an optimal setting for the KTM motorcycle with which they have practically no experience and which, compared to the Honda motorcycle, is very different and complicated. Very bad weather reigned on the circuit already prior to the race, i.e. heavy rain and hail and the team thus had to reset the settings of the motorcycle practically from scratch. Unfortunately, the team did not manage this successfully during the entire weekend and Ondřej did not feel very good on the motorcycle.

The first qualification was accomplished in heavy rainfall and the team had to change the tyres halfway into the second qualification session to cope with the drying track. Moreover, Ondřej also had a problem with a transponder malfunction and had to visit the box during the hectic qualification to get it changed. Thanks to this, he lost tyre grip, and although he made faster lap times, he didn't have enough time left to make a fast lap.

Heavy rainfall started again prior to the race and the motorcycle settings were changed again. Ondřej started very well from 26th position and got to the group of riders at about 20th place. In heavy rain, the situation was highly chaotic, but Ondřej kept pace with the group and gradually increased speed. After ten laps, he slowly lost pace and finished in 25th place.

Jan Vostatek said:

"After the race, we ascertained that the engine temperature was more than 130 degrees, which impacted its performance. We are currently waiting for assessment of the data and are making an effort to identify the cause. It was a really difficult weekend for all and many top riders had problems and did not complete the race. For us, it was mainly important to remain on the track and make an effort to get the best result.The main thing is that Ondra completed the race. It is clear that this year we went out to gain experience and this was the case with every lap that we accomplished this weekend. We certainly did not give up and all of us worked to the best of our ability. I believe that we shall gradually become stronger during the season."

"I am still getting accustomed to the motorcycle and we are searching for a "common language"; for the present, things are not so good, but I am feeling better with each accomplished lap. The smallest details in the settings decide whether the motorcycle will function or not, so, for the present, the situation is still difficult for us. Moreover, the opportunity to train on this motorcycle is limited to only a few permitted tests, so we must gain experience directly during the races. But the top world juniors are here and I am glad that I can be here. I think that I am well prepared for this year's season and my objective is to get the best result and I will make an effort to collect as many points as possible." said Ondřej Vostatek in conclusion.



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